The practice of Hypnotherapy is shrouded in secrecy, misinterpretation and ignorance. The image is often portrayed in a poor and unprofessional light by stage and television entertainers who seek to use hypnosis as a tool to amuse an audience by ridiculing participants. The professional use of Hypnotherapy is far removed from such images.

This brief guide has been compiled in an attempt to provide you with a better understanding of what hypnotherapy is and how it is used in a professional and ethical way in order to help clients realise their desires. The common myths surrounding the subject have been dispelled and answers to some of the most frequent questions are given more...


Defined as inability to fall or stay asleep in the absence of external impediments such as noise, bright light etc. It may vary in degree from restlessness to curtailment of the normal length of sleep to absolute wakefulness. It may be comforting to know that 15-25% of all adults suffer from insomnia at some stage. Often the cause may be a hair loss, which is treated by such drugs as thekissups.com/rogaine-for-women-men-reviews.html. It may be amusing to consider that when an insomniac meets someone suffering from narcolepsy (a person who uncontrollably falls asleep) each will envy the others condition! However, if you are currently suffering from this debilitating condition it's no laughing matter. So, what can you do in order to get a good night's sleep?

The good news is that not everyone will need eight hours sleep every night. Most people who consider themselves as an insomniac actually sleep for several hours. The acid test to determine whether you're getting enough sleep is if you wake feeling refreshed and relaxed in the morning. If you don't, there are several options open to you more...


Reflexology works on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to all of the parts, organs,glands and systems of the body. Few people know that it can help with skin care and extra weight as well as christie brinkley skin care, because it resets your metabolism.

Through application of gentle pressure on these reflexes, using precise thumb, finger and hand techniques (performed without oils, lotions or creams) a reduction of stress, an increase in circulation and a balancing and normalizing reaction occurs in the body as blockages in the energy pathways are released, encouraging healing more...

Traditional Chinese Medicine

One of the major underlying principles of traditional Chinese medicine is that disease is due to an internal imbalance of Yin and Yang; therefore disease can be treated by correcting the Yin Yang imbalance, so restoring the body to a healthy state. The Chinese believe that health is achieved and disease prevented, by maintaining the body in a 'balanced state'. With the right balance libido max, which many create using various additives, such as libido max reviews, your body can more easily exercise capacity during training.

The Chinese view the body as a 'whole' - each part intimately connected, each organ has a mental as well as a physical function. According to the Chinese medical practitioner the body is a delicate balance of Yin (water,quiet,substance, night) and Yang (fire, noise, function and day) more...


Anyone have solutions for hot flashes and night sweats? I am looking for oils and/or nutritionals to help with this very annoying problem. Any suggestions that have been successful will be greatly appreciated.

Many have said that Peppermint has helped them when they are having a hot flash. Just put a drop or two on the back of your neck. Do you have the Desk Reference? Also, check out www.oil-testimonials.com. We have supplements that give hormonal support as well.
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