Originally developed by the American chiropractor George Goodheart in the 1960's, Kinesiology is a system of treatment based upon the principle that certain muscle groups are related to certain parts of the body. Kinesiology addresses the inter-relationship between three main areas :

  • structure of the physical body
  • chemical / nutitional needs
  • mental / emotional issues

For a person to manifest good health, all of the above areas need to be functioning in an integrated way. Imbalance in one area will cause imbalance and distress in another. For example, stress or food allergy induced migraine or pain.

Kinesiologists use specific and accurate muscle testing procedures to determine the cause of imbalance and identify the priority treatment. There are approximately 650 voluntary muscles in the human body, of which 40-50 are used for testing in Kinesiology. The muscles are tested in a contracted position using firm but gentle pressure to test if the muscle can hold that position when manually stressed.

Kinesiologists recognises that the same 'symptoms' in two individuals may well have totally different underlying factors.

Practitioners and Training Course information

The Kinesiology Federation (KF) is a professional organisation based in the UK representing kinesiology practitioners, instructors and schools from the variety of kinesiologies available in the UK. The KF aims, by working as a unifying organisation for the various branches of kinesiology, to maintain the highest standards of training and practice for the benefit of its members and the general public. At present the KF has over 550 members, all of whom work to a well-established code of conduct.


Anyone have solutions for hot flashes and night sweats? I am looking for oils and/or nutritionals to help with this very annoying problem. Any suggestions that have been successful will be greatly appreciated.

Many have said that Peppermint has helped them when they are having a hot flash. Just put a drop or two on the back of your neck. Do you have the Desk Reference? Also, check out We have supplements that give hormonal support as well.
FemiGen, Estro, PD 80/20