Reflexology works on the principle that reflex points on the feet correspond to all of the parts, organs,glands and systems of the body. Few people know that it can help with skin care and extra weight as well as christie brinkley skin care, because it resets your metabolism.

Through application of gentle pressure on these reflexes, using precise thumb, finger and hand techniques (performed without oils, lotions or creams) a reduction of stress, an increase in circulation and a balancing and normalizing reaction occurs in the body as blockages in the energy pathways are released, encouraging healing.

Reflexology has been practised for many hundreds of years and ancient manuscripts in India, China, Egypt, show that they have all practiced some form of what we now call Reflexology.

In 1913, Reflexology was brought to the Western world by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an M.D. in Connecticut.

Reflexology is a pleasurable experience. While the client relaxes in a comfortable position, the Reflexologist will usually work on the bare feet, beginning with the right foot, all reflex points on both feet are always stimulated so as to encourage the entire body to come back into balance. Both feet are worked on during the course of a full session, as the body is seen to be a whole unit. The Reflexology session usually lasts from 45-60 minutes.

Although it is not a magical 'cure-all', most people who try reflexology find that they benefit to some degree - the problem clears up completely, the symptoms become less severe or their pain is relieved. The idea of having one's feet massaged may cause initial scepticism or reticence. Some people think it's going to tickle, or are embarrassed about their 'ugly' feet. The firm but gentle pressure used means that it's not tickly, and to a reflexologist there is no such thing as ugly feet - they're all different and have a unique story to tell.

Reflexology is completely safe for everyone! The basic technique and the length of the session may, however, need to be modified for the very young, the aged or the extremely ill.

Practitioners and Training Course information

The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) is a non-profit membership organisation. The AoR exists to promote and progress reflexology providing support for over 8,000 members throughout the UK and overseas. Their members are qualified practitioners, or those undergoing training for a professional qualification.

The Reflexology Association (UK) is a not for profit organisation whose stated mission is to take the Reflexology Profession and the RA (uk) membership to the highest level of excellence and unity whilst maintaining the ideals and vision of the pioneers of the profession.


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